MEM-PRO Uncoupling System

The heating cable and the anti-fracture membrane, which comes with a fleece backing or is peel-and-stick compatible, are combined in the MEM-PRO Uncoupling System for electric underfloor heating. It is the only Membrane System in North America with UL approval.

MEM-PRO Uncoupling System: an Answer to Avoid Floor Destruction

The slight vibrations in structural subfloors that are caused by temperature variations may potentially harm the floor finish. Due to structural subfloor movement and load-bearing weight, tiles are especially at risk of breaking.

The MEM-PRO membrane enables the floor heater to move along with these structural changes with the aid of uncoupling technology, considerably reducing and insulating your floor finish from corrosion and deterioration by introducing a new layer between the subfloor and the floor finish.

The fleece-backing of the MEM-PRO fleece-backed membrane, which may be used with any thin-set, enables a solid binding between the membrane and the subfloor. The TCNA-tested membrane can be put on cement, wood, or insulating boards. When coupled with the MEM-PRO uncoupling technology, it offers a quick and straightforward installation.

Key Benefits

Deep Floor

Without damaging the heater, saving money and increasing flexibility.

Optimal Output

Powerful output cable can be laid at different spacings to give optimal output to complement the flooring finish or room design

Long Uptime

In-Slab Cable works with any floor covering compatible with underfloor heating.

Special Designed Heating Cable For MEM-PRO System

Both robust and versatile, the MEM-PRO Heating Cable. Its ETFE inner jacket makes high heat output possible, while its PVC outer sleeve makes a seamless installation possible. Both Membrane choices are compatible with the MEM-PRO Heating cable.


The castellations of the MEM-PRO Membrane make it simple, quick, and tool-free to install the Heating Cable. In order to limit the danger of cable failures, the MEM-PRO Membrane shields the secured cable from any possible harm during installation.


To achieve everything from primary heating to comfort heating, cable spacing can be adjusted or rotated for maximum flexibility in heat outputs.

Easy To Install Membrane System.

The MEM-PRO Uncoupling System is simple and quick to install, even in a shower, whether you want to install the Fleece-backed or Peel-and-Stick Membrane. For use in showers and other moist areas, Heatup’s fluoropolymer-insulated cables have received approval. Considering how chilly the seats and floors might feel in steam rooms, this is exceptionally well-liked there! The NEC (shower pan and bench) restricts applications to horizontal surfaces in North America.


Because MEM-PRO has a strong self-adhesive backing, it may be securely fastened to the subfloor without the use of additional glue, saving time and money. Simply make sure the subfloor is always free of debris and dust before securing the membrane to the floor.


The system may be installed without the need for any equipment, which makes it simple to attach the cable in equal, parallel rows to the mat’s castellations. The cable’s excellent flexibility and durability also add to how simple it is to install.


After that, a self-leveling compound will be applied to the MEM-PRO Mat, enabling it to heat and shield any floor covering material that has received underfloor heating certification. This comprises carpet, vinyl, engineered wood, and tiles.

Installation of floor heating cable

MEM-PRO Fleece-backed Membrane

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Technical Information

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