Foil Heater System

Electric underfloor heating system for laminate, carpet, engineered wood and other approved floating floor finishes.

What Project is Foil Heating Mat Suitable For?

An underfloor foil heating system is suitable for floating floors like laminate, engineered wood, and carpets. These flooring materials are most suited for the foil heating mat as the heating dissipation and system work synergistically with these materials.

By placing the foil heater in the underfloor, you get to have consistent heat distribution because of the thermal properties of its reinforced aluminum foil. The aluminum is suitable for the even spread of heat on the flooring surfaces.

Because the foil layer is laid directly under the floor finish, no self-leveling is necessary when building it into the ground. It also serves as a continuous earth layer within the floor construction and diffuses heat away from the heating cable.

Consider the room’s shape as the foil heater system can be more efficient in ideal ones. A 20 feet wide foil mat is designed to be rolled out in a parallel orientation to one another.

Since there are many differences in a room design, these foil mats need to be cut, turned, and flipped to accommodate the shape of the room. All of these should be done by planning carefully and preventing damage to heating cables. Otherwise, the system would be damaged.

Key Benefits

Thin Cover Level

Sturdy heating cable construction with foil cover, only 1/8” thickness.

Easy To Change

No Need to install in the concrete, easy to maintain and fix.

Safety and Noise Free

Passed CSA quality approval and best for all kinds of wood floors.

Suitable For All Wood Covers & Carpets.

For bigger spaces and use with so-called “floating floors” like laminate, engineered wood, and carpet, foil underfloor heating is the best type of heater. You would sometimes need to place an extra cover layer when using the foil heater on some surfaces.

For example, the foil heater should be used with soft insulation if installed in a concrete slab. Similarly, use this soft insulation when using laminate or engineered wood.

The Foil Heater is protected by the soft insulation subfloor, making it easy for the heat to readily pass through to the final floor finish for optimal comfort in your rooms.


Laminate and Engineered Wood

The HEATUP foil heater is an electric underfloor heating system that fits perfectly with laminate and engineered wood.

Thicker wood flooring finishes may give you problems with the HEATUP foil heaters. So, avoid using it with vinyl, 18mm and above wide wood floorings, and wood floorings with metallic strips as its locking systems.

Try to avoid the HEATUP foil heaters with wood flooring with pre-attached pads. Also, avoid anything that would damage the heaters. To make yourself extra sure, you can contact your flooring supplier to decide what is best for your needs.


The same HEATUP foil heater is best for carpets. Maintain at least 12 inches off the walls to prevent damaging the carpet when the system is installed.

Furthermore, there is no more need for soft insulation with a carpet in your flooring. Instead, ensure the foil heating system is between a pad and the carpet. This will act as an insulator that will protect the foil heater for better heat dissipation.

Some flooring producers only permit installing underfloor heating systems when the latter are encased in leveling compound. You must confirm the kinds of underfloor heating systems that are appropriate with the manufacturer of the carpet flooring.

Insulation board keeps floor warm longer

Insulation systems can be a bit daunting when installing them at first. This is crucial in situations where foil heaters will serve as the primary source of heat.

Always verify that the subfloor has sufficient thermal insulation before installing a HEATUP electric foil heating system.

Also, the heater should be over a soft and suitable insulation material. Of course, your flooring would receive more weight over the top. Placing furniture and other items may damage the heater underneath without these insulation materials.

Keep these reminders at hand because proper system installation would be beneficial in the long run! You can save more because these heater systems can reduce heating-up time by half.

Quick Installation

Make sure that you have your heat loss calculation done before installation. This will help you know if you have enough heat in the room when installing the heater.

To install the electric foil underfloor heating system, start by rolling out the mats in a parallel order over the floor.

Then place the HEATUP foil mates over the insulation or a carpet. Remember that this step would still be done under the flooring.

When cutting and rotating the mats to fit the space, utilize the separate foil strips given to fill in any gaps. The foil heating mat needs to be perfectly leveled.

The foil heater has many thin, multi-strand, and dual-core heating cables insulated with a fluoropolymer and wrapped in a fiber-reinforced foil. The foil will disperse the heat from the heating cable within the floor it is installed in.

Technical Information

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